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The Kwanini Foundation, a
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Pemba Island in Tanzania.

The Kwanini Foundation, a non-profit organization based on Pemba Island in Tanzania.

Our mission  is to empower the people of Pemba Island to build sustainable and resilient communities through education, healthcare, environmental conservation, and marine protection. The Kwanini Foundation has a clear vision – we want to make a positive contribution to the future of Pemba Island by working alongside the local communities to help them understand and conserve the natural world on which they depend.


Kwanini. Our ‘why’

Pemba Island is a unique and beautiful place that has a rich cultural and ecological heritage. However, the island faces many challenges, including poverty, lack of access to quality education and healthcare, environmental degradation, and threats to marine biodiversity. Kwanini, the Swahili word for ‘why’ embodies purpose and through this our intention to preserve the island’s natural resources and cultural heritage for future generations. We also believe that community engagement and empowerment are essential for the success of sustainable development initiatives.


How we work

At Kwanini Foundation, we work in partnership with local communities and stakeholders to identify the most pressing needs and develop targeted programs and initiatives that address those needs.  Our approach is participatory and community-led, which means that we involve the community in every stage of our projects, from planning to implementation to evaluation.  We also prioritize sustainability and long-term impact in our work to ensure that our efforts benefit the community for years to come.


The benefits

Our work benefits the people of Pemba Island, particularly those who rely on the ocean for their livelihoods. Through our marine protection programs, we promote sustainable fishing practices, protect the marine ecosystem, and ensure food security and economic stability for local communities. Our community engagement initiatives also help raise awareness of the importance of marine conservation and empower local communities to take action to protect their coastal ecosystems. Additionally, our education and healthcare programs benefit the entire community by improving access to education and healthcare, which are essential for the well-being of individuals and the community.

By working alongside the local communities, we aim to contribute to a sustainable and resilient future for Pemba Island and its people. 


What we do

The Kwanini Foundation takes a holistic approach to sustainable development, considering social, economic, and environmental aspects. The Foundation focuses on marine and terrestrial conservation, waste management, water supply, education, and community development. Through community engagement programs, the Foundation raises awareness of the importance of marine conservation and empowers local communities to protect their coastal ecosystems. The Foundation also provides access to quality education to underprivileged children and works to improve healthcare.

Marine Conservation
Terrestrial Conservation
Waste Management
Water Supply
Community Engagement


Kasa Centre

The Kasa Center in Pemba focuses on empowering local communities through educational programs, no-interest eco-loans, and technical assistance to foster personal development and income-generating, nature-positive enterprises.

With the vision of harmonising economic entrepreneurship, prosperity, and nature protection, Kasa supports Pembans in becoming more resilient to climate, economic, and social challenges. 

The Centre’s educational initiative includes livelihood workshops, a business course, and business plan development. Workshops cover a range of activities like livestock raising, farming with sustainable practices, handicrafts, aquaculture, beekeeping, waste innovation, ecotourism, and more. These are led by Tanzanian experts, emphasising value-added products, circular economy, and eco-friendly practices.

After completing workshops, participants take a Financial Literacy and Business Management Foundations course to transform their ideas and skills into viable business plans. 

Entrepreneurs receive their first microfinance eco-loan upon committing to sustainability conditions and completing their business plans, which are crucial for tracking their progress over time. These eco-loans are meant to be a flexible and long-term financial tool (the first ever for most residents), and are therefore revolving, interest-free, progressive, peer-based, and nature-positive.

The funding for these loans comes from voluntary contributions by guests for each night stayed at The Manta Resort. Guests providing these contributions can visit small businesses supported by the eco-loans, allowing them to see the impact of their contributions first hand, and helping entrepreneurs to showcase their nature-positive production.

The Kasa Centre’s approach not only aids in local economic development but also emphasises environmental restoration and conservation through environmental conditions integrated into the eco-loans. 


How you can help

The Kwanini Foundation receives support from two sources, namely Manta Pemba Island and Blue Alliance.

Manta Pemba Island provides support through an impact contribution that is charged to every guest who visits the lodge. Meanwhile, Blue Alliance serves as the co-manager of the foundation, working towards developing sustainable revenues through tourism and blue economy initiatives.

Additional financial support of this initiative is always appreciated, simply click a [Donate] button to make a positive impact.


Connect with us

Your support is key, not only as a traveler to the destination, but also as a donor to The Kwanini Foundation. Please contact us today if you can contribute in any way.